Sunday, February 7, 2010


For the past month I've had many people ask me about Supplements. If they need to take any. Which one's should they take. If they eat healthy why would they need to take any.

Here are my answers. Yes, everyone needs to take the 6 BASICS: Natural Multi-Vitamin Formula, Fish oils, Probiotics, Fiber, Antioxidant formula & Digestive enzymes.  
The above supplements will prevent diseases and help to eliminate a multitude of symptoms. Fiber helps balance blood sugar and attracts poisons and toxins then swells in colon acting like a broom to sweep as it moves out of the body and increases bowel movements or just volume, Probiotics put back the good bacteria to enhance the immune system and bowels, Multi-Vitamins provide essential nutrients to nourish & balance the body, Enzymes help the body digest food & supplements, Antioxidants provide protection to cells against free radical damage, Fish Oils provide anti-inflammatories which are the root to all diseases.

Unless you eat all organic and a completely healthy diet without: Coffee, Pop, Black Tea, White sugar, White flour, Artificial Sweetners, Processed foods in cans, boxes, or frozen, Fast food, etc. you need to take supplements to balance out the diet. 

When you are young the body can take abuse and nutritional deficiences but soon it catches up with you. Learn and teach your children so when they are adults they do not have to deal with ailments and diseases.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Colds & Flu Prevention

Welcome to my first blog. I want to reach out to people that are interested in Natural Health that might not be in my area or those unable to attend my classes so I will be using this to talk about what I do to promote prevention of disease and natural solutions for common ailments. My next blog will be a little more about who I am and what I do but, today I want to address Natural Cold & Flu Prevention and Natural Solutions because I see so many around me suffering. Just last night in church there were so many people coughing & sneezing so here are some tips.

* Wash your hands frequently and never with anti-bacterial soaps because they kill all the bad and good bacteria so there will be no protection left against virus or bacteria. It's the rubbing that kills not the soap.

* Apply a Natural Hand Sanitizer that only kills the bad bacteria, not the good.

* For Prevention or if you have the Cold or Flu take a Colloidal Silver

For more information please see my Natural Health Website at:

Disclaimer: This information is for educational use only and is not meant to replace a medical diagnosis.